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beyond the crypts and castles

an online fantasy series


Good morning all, and thanks for stopping by to read the Epilogue of The Cursed King. I have to say I am incredibly relieved to be posting this. I have been writing this story for a long time, have gone through several drafts and this is the first that I have completed from beginning to…


Good morning all and thank you for stopping by to read the penultimate chapter (Chapter Fifty-Two) of The Cursed King. The book is now FINISHED! The Epilogue is written and will be posted (as usual) in two-week’s time. This will be followed by a post about what is going to come next and what will…


Good morning all and thanks for stopping by to read Chapter Fifty of The Cursed King. I am so close to finishing the book that I have never written slower in my life. I have only a thousand or so words left to write of the Epilogue, which is crazy to me! It feels great…