beyond the crypts and castles

an online fantasy series


NOTE: Thank you to everyone who is still here! It has been a crazy couple of weeks pretty much everywhere in the world, so I hope everyone is safe, healthy and reading this in the comfort of their own homes. As of today, I currently have 78 followers on this blog, which is more thanContinue reading “Hawthorn”


**NOTE** Hello again everybody! Thank you to everyone who liked and followed my blog in the time since I posted Prologue. I now have 29 followers, which is fantastic! Also thank you to the people who messaged me with your support, it really means a lot, and I am glad that people enjoyed the set-upContinue reading “Mother”


¬≠Notes: First of all, thank you to everyone – friends, family and complete strangers who followed this blog last week – for your support on my Preface blog last week. It has given me a lot of encouragement to share this story with you, so please know that it is greatly appreciated.This chapter was redraftedContinue reading “Prologue”

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