Good morning all, and thanks for stopping by to read Chapter Thirty-One of The Cursed King. I woke up late today, which is why this has been posted slightly later than usual. Whilst the rain is lashing it down outside, it is nice to have as many indoor hobbies as I do to keep meContinue reading “Betrayal”


Good morning everyone and thanks for dropping by to read Chapter Thirty of The Cursed King. It’s been a busy, busy week and I’m starting to be social again, which means I’m having to actually think about when I’m going to find the time to write again. Whilst this is a welcome change, as itContinue reading “Blood”


Good morning everyone and thanks for stopping by to read Chapter Twenty-Nine of The Cursed King. I can just about smell summer around the corner and here in the UK and the pubs are just about to be re-opened which fills me with an indescribable primal joy. I am still writing too, and whilst someContinue reading “Guardian”


Good morning everyone and thanks for stopping by to read Chapter Twenty-Eight of The Cursed King. Another fortnight of lockdown flies by, and another chapter is (almost) written. As I reach the climax of the story, I find myself weeding out plot holes everytime I re-read and post these chapters. Keeping all of these plotsContinue reading “Reconciliation”


Good afternoon everyone! Thanks for stopping by to read Chapter Twenty-One of The Cursed King. This is coming a little later in the day today, mainly because I was doing what I always do on the weekends and catch up on some serious sleep. With a week to go to Christmas, I am starting toContinue reading “Bond”


            Good afternoon and happy Saturday everyone! I am currently writing this in bed after eleven hours of sleep, which I clearly needed! I have always written less over the Christmas period, but I am determined to keep driving forward over the break. I hope that this book will be completed by next Christmas, andContinue reading “Forward”

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